Spanish Schoolhouse Preschool in McKinney Texas

Maria del Rocio DiazMaria del Rocio Diaz- Director

Maria del Rocio was born and raised in Colombia. She attended one of the most prestigious universities in the country, and then moved to the U.S.  Recognizing her passion for working with children and the arts, she combined these two loves by becoming a Spanish Schoolhouse teacher at the Frisco campus for 7 years. She thoroughly enjoys working with the children and impacting their lives in positive ways. As the Director at the McKinney campus, Maria del Rocio continues to shape the educational paths of her students.

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"Just wanted to share that I'm extremely pleased with the education my child is receiving at this school. She is understanding and speaking Spanish, when we are at home we only use English. She knows many songs and rhymes I learned as a child. I'm happy that she'll have knowledge of two languages and different cultures. The best part of going to Spanish Schoolhouse is that it's the friendliest place in the world."